Saturday, November 17, 2012

A night at Mr. Jones' Orphanage

A few weeks ago, my friend Rachel visited from London.  We met in Cambodia a few years ago during those first few months when everything was new. We explored the city together.   We even survived Rabbit Island.  

One evening in Bangkok, Ethan, Rachel and I headed to the Thong Lor neighborhood to sample dessert at Mr. Jones' Orphanage and Milk Bar.  The decor is just as strange/interesting as the name - saccharine and sweet, a throwback to an orphanage playground in Old England.   In the day, when the sun is brightly shining through the windows over the enticing displays, it looks playful.  In the evening, it can be a little eerie and melancholy.

But it comes highly recommended.

As tempting as it sounded, we decided against the Custard Cow's Poo, and instead we ordered the date and apple cake, which was moist with a crunchier crust.  Just perfect.

They showed us to our table on the second floor, which is so small/short that we were required to practically crawl to our seats. Ethan is over 6ft, so I felt especially bad for him.

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