Tuesday, January 24, 2012


via Erin Considine (Una)

I spent one afternoon in Portland catching up with Becki at Crema. It was so wonderful to learn how life has evolved in the past year and a half.  

Burnside/NE28th was just as I remembered - Crema, the small plant shop across the street, the sleepy vintage stores nearby, they all felt unchanged.  Only, as I was telling Becki that afternoon, I was disconcerted because in that environment, I felt very different, older, more worn.  Could a year and a half being away really do that to you?  

After coffee, we walked over to Una.  I had all the intention to buy a Mociun & Krantz necklace.  They were 20 percent off! I had been drooling over them from Cambodia for x months!  But somehow, I was not blown away by them at all.  Instead, what made me swoon was an Erin Considine piece (left picture, above).  I didn't pull the trigger that day.  Sticker shock must have also accompanied me on the voyage across the International Date Line. 

Back in Cambodia, I'm still thinking about that necklace.  Good jewelry, particularly out here, is so hard to find.  And I've never been one to go without such luxuries.


  1. Sigh...it was such a lovely afternoon, and that was such a lovely necklace! Stopped at Crema yesterday, but turned around and left...no fun without you. xox

  2. That was such a nice afternoon, although I felt really old at Crema! Old.


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