Monday, January 30, 2012

Rants, Reward

I've been working my butt off during the past year on advocacy, field research and a publication on the Project.  The report will launch in Melbourne, Australia in a few weeks.  Yet, even as co-author and lead researcher, I will not be in attendance.  It seems unfair, and I've found myself frustrated with the process on several occasions.  Ethan tries to keep me positive by reminding me that a conference at a certain human rights center will be focused solely on the work, that this work could actually impact Project-affected people both in this Project and other related projects.   Yes, yes, all very rad, but I am a salty curmudgeon.  I suppose all the workings of the world aren't just.  That is one of many lessons I've learned through my experience in Cambodia.

Rant aside, I deserve a treat.  I'm thinking this pair of No. 6 clogs will suffice.  Question is, are they too similar to the previously posted Rachel Comey wedges?  (See last post.)

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