Friday, December 30, 2011


All pictures stolen from a friend

I'm sure my friends and colleagues laugh at my strange, inexplicable fondness of Mongolia.  It's good, then, that, having traveled there separately, Ethan shares the same sentiments as me.  We have a running joke about living in Ulaanbaatar for a year.  He would teach; I would research.  If we crave more, we could dip into Beijing via a 36 hour train ride, or in the opposite direction on the train, go to Olkhon Island in Russia, also the stuff of dreams.  It's unlikely for a host of reasons, but mainly because after Cambodia, I need more creature comforts--not less. 

These pictures were taken by a friend during my first few days in the country.  That place really was magic.  And years later, its expansive landscapes and misty mornings still haunt me.

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