Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Amusement from Mondulikiri

NYC's new set of Haiku traffic signs: awesome.

Unrelated:  I am in Mondulikiri this week, a far eastern province in Cambodia.  Here, the soil is red and the climate is cool.  When people speak about this part of the country, one often hears comparisons to the English countryside.  Sen Monorom, the main town, has a handful of streets that wind up and down the hills, and a river that cuts through it. 

The night sky tonight was amazing, the stars twinkling so brightly, the moon shrouded in clouds. 


  1. Hahaha I like these a lot! :)
    Love the "She walks in beauty like the night..." reference, that one is my favorite! Love the pun about the fractured narrative of the sudden car door! :D
    Oh and poor cyclist in the last one! :(

    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  2. Stumbled in here and I'm hooked. How interesting to work in such a different culture, what took you there? Volunteer work?

  3. Haha these are funny! I liked writing haikus back in school.

    Hope to see pics from your visit to the country side.

  4. Hi ladies, thanks for the comments.

    Mia: I came to Cambodia initially only for a 6 months (or so I told myself because the move was intimidating) to work on human rights/land issues. It's been an intense experience, but very positive.

    Tee: I'll post some pics soon.

  5. I like the lady in the night.. LoL'd!

  6. Haha...those signs are awesome! XD

    (Yep, the Clarisonic works for me. I only use it at night though b/c I have sensitive skin. It really feels like you're cleaning your face...hee hee ;)

  7. Shop: Thanks. My list of Sephora items to check out grows and grows and grows!


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