Thursday, July 21, 2011


via Xooro

On Sundays, after the requisite Catholic mass, churchgoers would flood the grounds outside, where tamale and churro ladies peddled their wares to the hungry. My sisters and I weren't impervious to these treats. I always picked a churro, which was sweet and crunchy and wrapped in crisp, white paper.

I crave those treats now and then. Over the years, I've had dressed-up versions at much nicer venues than the church courtyard, but they have not come close to that simple treat.

This Xooro place, in Los Angeles, may be a worthy contender.


  1. how funny! I just had a churro last night due to a out of the blue craving- there really is nothing like it!

  2. Seriously, those churro carts are like nothing else!


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