Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Checking in

via Seat 61

It's been a stressful week or so. There's so much I wish I could write, and I eventually will, but for now I cannot. Let's just say there's some "shady Cambodian political stuff" that is seriously impeding my work, including my research. Sometimes, you stare out at all the saffron-robed monks and the decaying French colonial buildings in this city, and you are lulled into forgetting that this place, in reality, is fairly closed. There is very little democratic space to do high-impact work.

On a lighter note, my friend, Jeanice, is in town for a few days. It's a bit surreal, her sitting with me in the tuk-tuk as we navigated the evening in Phnom Penh. It almost feels like two of my worlds colliding. But her arrival comes at a perfect time -- I need a friend to vent to, someone who knew me before Cambodia, before the whirlwind of work here.

Other things: Ethan is having a wonderful time in Europe, as can be expected. We meet in Almaty, Kazakhstan next week!! I cannot wait.

And . . . Vivian, the cat who adopted us, give birth to 3 orange tabby kittens in the corner shelf, in Clarisse's room. They are small, and furry, and already I am smitten.

Life is very full these days.


  1. Sorry to hear about your work frustrations. I imagine that "shady Cambodian political stuff" is not an easy hurdle to cross.

    Have a great time in Kazakhstan! I really love hearing about your adventures!

    And scratch the kitties necks for me! They sound adorable!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. OH MY GOD, it is so shady. I can't believe it. The kittens are moving about now!!


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