Thursday, February 24, 2011


This week, I monitored a training with Cambodian human rights activists working on land disputes all over the country. Teaching them the nuances of the law--namely, on freedom of association and freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention -- is tough, when the realities of law enforcement diverge so greatly from the conceptual legal framework on which they are predicated.

You can't tell by the smiles that light up their faces, nor by their constant laughter or warmth, nor by their humility, but these people are SO damn powerful. Facing serious threats to their security everyday (threats of unsubstantiated legal action, physical violence, and murder), they work tirelessly with their communities, often with interests adverse to huge conglomerates and the hugely affluent echelons of this country.

I am floored.


  1. I am floored by you. I am floored that you completely changed your life over a year ago and are now living this experience. I wish I had your courage.

  2. But you do, and so much more. Aren't I always asking you for advice, and you're always telling me to have courage??

  3. Thanks, Yoli. They're an impressive bunch.


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