Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Oven, and Sofia

Last week, I moved into a new home with an oven, which is perfect because one of my resolutions this year is to find more balance in life -- and baking at home is one of those simple pleasures I've missed dearly. The past 7+ months in Cambodia were intense and amazing and more wonderful (and challenging) than I could have expected. But by the time I arrived stateside, I realized that, in addition to being left inspired, I was also frayed around the edges, tired. In need of simple comfort.

It's evening in Phnom Penh, the end of a busy day. There's something strangely incongruent about living in this country and enjoying the waft from chocolate brownies baking in the oven. Like two disparate realities colliding. Outside, the night is warm, the streets dimly lit and quiet.

Tonight, I'm going to curl up and (finally!) watch Somewhere, as it was (annoyingly) only playing in one theatre in Los Angeles when I was stateside. That's the plan.


  1. How was Somewhere? I'm hoping to see it sometime soon.

  2. I had high expectations, but I really liked it. The music didn't hurt.


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