Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have so many pictures left from my last months in Thailand, these from my family's visit to Ayuthaya.

Ever since I landed Stateside, I feel as if I've been running. To say that I am in a state of (reverse) culture shock would be an understatement, though I am surprised and also annoyed that I underestimated the impact of years working in Southeast Asia.

During my first days in the city, I was jarred by the bitter cold, the sight of endless rowhouses, the Washington Monument in the horizon, the sounds of loud and constant chatter (in English), the gigantic size of food/cars/stores, the darkness of the Metro and the tired faces commuting in the evenings, how segregated the city feels.

There were also good things:  re-discovering brussels sprouts and kale (obsessed with these veggies for the past year), walking the cobblestone streets near Eastern Market, perusing several used bookstores, glimpsing the sprawling green space and the beautiful architecture, savoring a good (though expensive to me) cup of coffee, enjoying a proper hamburger.

I've also noticed that my social cues and social graces must be recalibrated.  This is happening slowly.    


  1. You're in DC? Have you been following me! There's so many burger places here, but I miss good Thai food.


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