Thursday, December 20, 2012

The week before Christmas

It doesn't really feel like Christmas in Bangkok.  Certainly, there's the gigantic Christmas tree in Centralworld, the lights strewn about the walkways, and no one can ignore the Christmas gorilla, but for me, Christmas is family, my mum baking cheesecake, neighbors sharing dishes of tamales, and holiday music filling the house.
For Ethan, who admittely has less of an ingrained connection to this holiday, Christmas means snow, also absent in Thailand.
We are not going back "home" this Christmas, which is a first for me in many, many years.  The break is short and my family is coming to visit us in January!!!  
And, with the wedding looming, we have decided to go back for a few months this coming spring.  It will likely be a shock to my system, but overall, it will be very good for me.  (It's nearly been three years.)
For now, Christmas will have to be the holiday greetings the refugees offer, brunch with colleagues and a decent cup of coffee at Pla Dip (love this place), and our trip to Cambodia this weekend.  We have a Christmas Eve dinner planned with friends before heading to sleepy Kampot. 

Also, Christmas means another care package, this one filled with more dried fig from our tree, chocolates, and Trader Joe's baking goods.  My parents are awesome.

Merry Christmas to all! What a year it has been.

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