Sunday, June 17, 2012

My weekend

During one of my last weekends in Phnom Penh, I decided to try a few "firsts." 

We took a short river cruise to the Bungalows Sunset Bar, a floating bungalow and bar, which has been touted as the place to catch a Phnom Penh sunrise.  The river was brown and muddy and unfortunately, the sky was too cloudy to glimpse a proper sunset.  But it was still a nice way to wile away the afternoon with friends. 

Ethan took me to dinner at Romdeng, a Khmer eatery which is housed in a stunning French colonial building and whose profits go to support its projects with street children and their families.  The restaurant is well known for its deep-friend tarantulas with lime sauce, but we tried vegetarian options of Khmer curry and "fish" amok instead.

Other weekend plans: Khmer desserts at NOM with Vy and Saran, Mexican night and too much wine at a N's, followed by listening to blues in really cramped, hot spaces, and an evening walk and ice cream sampling at Le Cone - it was a good weekend. 

What will my last full weekend in Phnom Penh look like?     


  1. That floating bungalow looks amazing!

  2. Thank you Shoko.

    Look forward to having you some day soon.


    The Bungalows - Sunset Bar - Phnom Penh
    +855 (0) 77 555 447


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