Saturday, June 2, 2012

Counting to four.

Four weeks until we depart this amazing, equally frustrating place. Well, not really. We have a few days in August before the move to Bangkok.  But in these four weeks, our flat will be vacated, our things stored, and our contracts done. It feels so official now.  And, I am a giant stress-ball.


  1. My son loves this! He also loves "Set your piggies free" by Ziggy Marley. Good ol' Sesame Street, eh? Are you going to Bangkok for work? I love that place.

  2. Hi Marie, I am going to Bangkok for work. The funny thing is, I had been in Bangkok maybe 5 times before I started to appreciate it for what it was. I was only treated it as a hub between destinations, but it is, indeed, a great (big) city.


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