Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts of Spain

all photos via Lost

Have you been here?  The first and only time I walked inside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona I was blown away.  Vic's blog is amazing.


  1. Spain, especially Barcelona is high on my list. The food, the culture, the sights...

  2. Hi Tee, I really enjoyed Spain!

  3. oh yes! i once specifically went to barcelona just to look at as much as gaudi architecture as possible...the sagrada familia, even in its perpetually unfinished state, was an insane masterpiece! if you're a fan of his work you should check out the documentary about him that teshigahara made... one of my favorite directors on one of my favorite artists... it's a pretty good movie. : )

  4. Thanks, Natasha. I'll check it out.


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