Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday errands.

When, as last week, the pace of work is nuts, everything runs off-kilter for me. I don't have time to cook or bake. I don't have time to run my errands.  Sleep is irregular.  There's no space for myself.

The upcoming week may be a repeat, but I spent the Sunday baking granola, laughing with Ethan, and slowly putting small things in order. Some thoughts today:
1. I am loving this SFS Circle Top, which shipped from Gravel & Gold in San Francisco.
2. I picked up my new glasses.  Long overdue.  There's this "secret eyeglass shop," as some locals refer to it, near Central Market, where you can pick up old refurbished vintage frames and prescription lenses for $30-$40.  The inner Gladys in me is happy.
3. I'm digging the selection of French toiletries at the Thai Huot grocery store.  This line of body washes and simple soaps gets me every time.


  1. I am in love with small things...with the details.

  2. I just wrote a Sunday post mentioning how fast the weeks go and how routine it can be. I love the print on your top, and I didn't mistake it for a bag this time :)

  3. Hello you two, I hope you're having a good Sunday. I think I took for granted all the small things when I was back in the US. This time in Cambodia has definitely taught me to appreciate all the little things.


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