Monday, November 21, 2011

slowing down.

Tuesday morning.  The week is already starting to improve: cooking, wine-drinking, no crazy, push-push-push deadlines looming in the next few days.  I made this  galette two nights ago, sans a food processor and in my mini electric oven.  Yum. Plums aren't easy to come by in Cambodia, and they also aren't cheap. Well worth it, I say.  I adapted the recipe, using Cambodian palm sugar (kind of like brown sugar) and limes, from my lime tree, rather than lemon.  I prefer a little more substance to my crusts, so I may play around next time with different flours.

Recipe for the crust here.  Plum galette recipe here.


via Ermie

How wonderful is Ermie's new collection? I am very tempted by the silk tee in the Talitha print.  Jennifer has been just lovely, answering my questions about caring for the silk Ermie pieces - in Cambodia, I do not do dry-cleaning.  I've lost many a silk blouse here.


  1. The galette looks delicious and so does that silk tee! ;)

    (I've been using SK-II's FTE and mask off and on for the past few years but have only been using this brand daily for the past few months. I am currently using the facial lotion, FTE, and cellumination essence. The masks are an indulgent once a month thing. The pricing stinks but the products are great. I will say though that it took a while for me to see results)

  2. Hi there,

    Oh, that galette was sooo good that I may have to remake it this week. I like the print but am undecided about the tee or the dress.

    Re SK II: good to know - but you eventually did see results? This year, I've spent so much time doing field research, and the elements have just wrecked my skin. The FTE is bringing moisture back, which is great! It's only been a month, so I don't want to splurge on any other products yet. They are indeed pricey, but did you notice that they are a little cheaper at the Duty Free shops in Bangkok International Airport?

  3. yum! i love galettes, i made them all the time at work. i like to play around with flours too, usually subbing half the amount of AP flour for whole wheat flour. the crust is perfectly nutty and substantial that way.

  4. They are? Darn! We passed through Chiang Mai airport on our last trip and not BKK. :( Yep, I didn't see results until about the second month or so which is kinda weird b/c I've read reviews where some bloggers have seen it within a week or two. Maybe it's just me?


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