Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Streets of Kashgar

I took a few pictures off of Ethan's camera.  Why does our Kazakhstan/China trip seem so long ago?  Isn't it amazing how quickly you sink back into everyday life?

I'll post more from the Kashgar market and Karakul Lake, where we stayed in a yurt in a Kyrgystan village (loved it, loved it). I just finished a 6:30am morning yoga session (yay for me!) and have to go to the office for a community meeting.


  1. What vibrant colors in your photos, Jocy!

  2. It's just Kashgar - I love all the colors everywhere. I owe you an email. I hope your week is going well.

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  4. Joc, I am in *love* with that photo of the doors. Think Ethan would let me have a hi-res version to print?

  5. Hi Becki, I'll send you what I have. Hugs.


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