Monday, May 2, 2011

365 days, week #17.

Chances are you've never heard of the Cardamom Mountains, or of Koh Kong province. Until recently, I had never registered these places, even though I live in Cambodia. Even though the Cardamom Mountain rain forests, situated in the southwest region of the country, near the Cambodian-Thailand border, are considered to be one of the most species-rich natural habitats in the entire Southeast Asian region, home to Asian elephants -- and, unsurprisingly, the subject of several land disputes involving encroaching mining companies and sugar plantations.

Ethan and I visited the region for the extended weekend. (Note: In April and May, the calendar is riddled with Cambodian holidays.) What unfolded before our eyes on the bus ride was mountainous scenery, dense and green, as far out as the eye could see. (Note: Must spend more time in this region.)

Some pictures:

1. We visited a mangrove forest and allowed ourselves to get lost.

2. The bathroom in the mangrove forest.

3. Ants, more mangrove forest.

4. Fishing boats

5. Another Cambodian sunset

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