Monday, November 29, 2010

Kep and Rabbit Island, pt. 2

Images from the Kep crab market:

1. After a bit of haggling, we purchased 10 kilos of crab at the market, filled two big bags full of the boiled treats, and called it an afternoon. (An afternoon nap, under the shade of the trees, followed.)
2. Kampot pepper (Samosas: We grind this up, dilute it with lime juice, and use it as a dip.)
3. Dried fish
4. The tools of the trade


  1. I love the life you are leading right now.

  2. Yoli, thanks for your kind words. Again, I don't think I've processed much, but I am aware of how fortunate I am to have had this opportunity to do this work and to learn from my colleagues. When I left for Cambodia, I didn't expect this calibre of work to come across my desk. And the communities ... The timing was just right.

    But, the day to day can be and often is tough; this experience has necessarily stretched me, out and beyond my comfort zone.

    I'm learning so much.

  3. this looks and sounds like an awesome (and delicious!) trip!


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