Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As for our shoemaking conspiracy, here's our inspiration. I own several of the flat sandals in this picture, designed by now-defunct (boo) Brooklyn label Devotte.

These shoes are so walkable, so comfortable, that I literally wear them all the time. Salty sea water, coupled with the grime of walking day after day on streets of Phnom Penh and on the unpaved ground of the Cambodian provinces have not helped matters along. I now need replacement pairs.

(Cherlou is making the brown/blue sandal.)

I'm quite happy to support this neighborhood shop, which I walk by everyday on my way to and from work.


  1. are you trying to make me jealous?! sigh...it's totally working.

  2. Let me see how these turn out first, and if they are up to Becki standards, we can make a pair for you, OK?

  3. Custom-made shoes - that's really exciting! Can't wait to see the results.


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