Saturday, September 11, 2010


A few days ago, during lunch, I took a short moto ride to the central post office to pick up a care package. I've been pretty impressed with the Cambodian post system. This is the third care package I've received since my move. Each package has arrived within a week or so, each battered up and frayed, threatening to fall apart in the transport from the post office to my home. (Letters and postcards are an entirely different issue, however. They always disappear into postal oblivion.)

I love, love receiving care packages! The first one I received was from Mami, and it took some practice to balance the package on my lap, while I sat sidesaddle on the back of a moto bike. But I did it, and, once I was able open it up, I immediately laughed at the array of Jello, Pringles potato chips, Barilla pasta, and random Japanese candies my foodie friend sent me. The second package, from Adrian, contained nothing but Mexican spices to placate my need to consume tacos on a near-weekly basis.

This care package was different. Other than three, bubble-wrapped jars of sun-dried tomatoes and two bags of my dad's dried apples, there was hardly any food sent. Instead, my mum sent me two pairs of sandals, one of my Lover skirts (which I accidentally cut through with scissors, in my package-opening excitement), a few blouses, more 50+SPF sunscreen, and random beauty products, such as a bright lip stain. It was just what I needed, a lovely gesture from overseas to soften the blow of a demanding week. Thank you!

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