Friday, May 7, 2010

Into the fray

gorgeous photo by alicia bock (via sfgirlbythebay)

My suitcases are packed, incidentally with more dresses than I had planned. The whirlwind of emotions that gripped me this week has peaked and plummeted, reached a crescendo. The final vaccinations were given, the malaria pills picked up, and the visa pictures reluctantly taken. Farewells were thrown about like confetti, and warm words were exchanged with friends and colleagues.

Did I tell you my mum made a last minute decision to hop into Cambodia for two days before heading to the Philippines? We will celebrate Mother's Day in Phnom Penh! It should be interesting.

There is a quiet excitement welling up in me.

Here I go.


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  2. Bon Voyage, and can't wait to hear about your journey, and new life in Cambodia.

  3. well written! i'm glad you're going to get the chance to spend time with you mom too! have an amazing trip!

  4. Safe travels, Jocy! Looking forward to reading updates from Cambodia!

  5. Great post and have a great trip! I will be back for your new posts:)

  6. Ohhhhh, have a nice nice trip, and please show some images soon from Cambodia!!!



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