Monday, May 31, 2010


So sorry for the lack of posts! I wanted to write about so many things, but I could not. Blogger, like many other sites, is blocked in Myanmar, and can only be accessed with the helping hand of a computer savvy person and, well, access to an internet connection, which was spotty in most parts of the country.

But I am back now, somewhat settled in Phnom Penh, at work, siphoning internet for just a few more minutes and staving off the heat (100+ degrees today) before my short walk home. Tonight, I am going to track down a good fruit and veggie market. Wish me luck.

I will write soon.


  1. Oh, good.
    I'm glad you are ok-
    I figured you were encountering internet difficulties.
    Where is the photo from- it's beautiful?
    Finding a fresh fruit & veggie market sounds divine. Be well Jocy!

  2. Hey you! It's nice to hear some tidbits about your first few weeks. Glad you are doing okay and surviving the scorching weather (I know I couldn't handle it).

    We miss you!

  3. That picture took my breath away.

  4. You're back! I hope you had a great time in Myanmar and I look forward to seeing your pictures!

    The weather here has been scorching as well- I like to cool down by drinking ice tea or fruit smoothies.

  5. Hello, all! Yes, I'm happy to be back on more internet-friendly ground. The picture was taken in Sagaing, which is one of the ancient cities outside of Mandalay, in Myanmar/Burma.

  6. Gorgeous photo Jocy! How is work going?

  7. Hey! Work is inspiring and exciting. I hope you are doing well!


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