Sunday, December 14, 2014

Recent acquisitions: Embracing mom pants

Earlier in the year, I committed to listing out monthly acquisitions - if only to hold myself accountable and to curb spending habits.  

I failed.  I haven't listed anything in months, even though I have been fairly active with internet purchases. I should have known that pregnancy and post-pregnancy would do a number on my spending - with my changing body shape, pre and post-partum hormones shifts and late nights/early mornings spent comforting an infant, I was bound to make a few irrational internet purchases.  I'm not going to list every single purchase here. That would be far too embarrassing.

But I will say that my purchases of late have been spurred on by my realization that my too-precious silk numbers aren't going to work, at least for now.
  • I've wholeheartedly jumped on the Ace & wagon.  It's funny.  I first heard of Ace & Jig when I still lived in Cambodia and back then I could not justify the prices, not when I could make linen/cotton shift dresses in Russian Market. In retrospect and objectively, my gut instinct was probably right. But when I finally purchased a piece, I realized how beautiful the textiles were and how wearable. I was sucked into the hype. These pieces aren't cheap, however, and I don't see them becoming more affordable in light of the the growing cult following, particularly from moms. Bottomline: I need to ease up.   
  • For the last year I've also been itching for a new pant silhouette.  Can you believe I've been wearing skinny jeans for over 10 years? While I still wear a black skinny jean regularly, I also welcomed two pairs of slouchy Black Crane pants into my rotation. I must say I'm loving the elastic waist and looser fit. I wear the quilt pants at least two times a week. I also own the carpenter pants in olive, but that pair doesn't get as much use.
  • As for shoes, I rotate between three pairs of boots: the Rachel Comey Mars (for days I don't intend to walk very far); the Dieppa Restrepo Mer boots; and the IM Dicker boots, a "maternity" purchase from last year.  To my credit, these are not new purchases.


  1. Post a pic of a Black Crane pants ensemble! I like 'em, I am just worried about the schlump factor (on me).

    And I ask myself the same thing -- how have I been wearing the same skinny pants for this many years?

    1. Hi! They are a little schlumpy but not exceedingly and in a chic way, if that makes any sense. I tend to look so schlumpy to begin with so that was also a concern. But it's fine. I'll post a picture when I'm back in DC, since I forgot to pack them on this trip!

  2. I love the Black Crane pants, but I wish I had sized down. I may get them tailored so they're shorter, I find they don't stay rolled up for very long. They do look very polished with my black Mars boots and a slouchy top partly tucked in.

    1. Ay, I think I led you astray with the sizing. I bought a medium first and they stretched out so I bought a small. I've also been tempted to have them shortened. I only wear them rolled up anyway.


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