Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last weekend

Within a matter of days, the temperatures went from humid and high 90s to rainy and low 60s, from summer dresses to autumn layers.  I spent one of my last warm days visiting the District Flea, sitting at Peregrine Espresso, one of my favorite coffee shops in this city, and soaking in the sun.


  1. I need more detes on the dress (top?) you are wearing in the first pic! Looks great with the Erin Considine necklace .

    1. Hi there! Thanks. The dress is an old Mayle dress - one I was obsessed with for a while.
      Here's a picture of it:

      And I actually saw this Erin Considine necklace for sale on the Laws of General Economy blog a few months ago. It may still be available.


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