Friday, September 27, 2013

Taking stock. Fall List, continued.

It's been a very busy week and one in which I've run into folks from my previous life in Cambodia (including this activist monk), which always throws me and then makes me realize that the world is small.  Or, maybe it's just that the people who work in this niche of international law (on, for example, independent accountability mechanisms) is tiny. 

Throughout the week, I found myself sitting across the table and engaging in discussions with people from all over the globe who are shaping the functions and mandates of these international mechanisms.  The discussion today centered on normative gaps in these systems and how to increase accountability and access to remedy for the poorest of the poor.  It was terribly fascinating and a little intimidating.  I sometimes don't know how I've landed here.

Anyway, this week also forced me to acknowledge autumn and to take stock of the holes in my wardrobe.  Starting with outerwear, my go-to jackets are my Mayle Olympe coat (first picture) and Fedosia jacket (second).  I'm looking for another coat, something oversized and comfortable.  


I saw the coat above, and while not an Isabel Marant coat, I wonder if it would do the trick. Straight away, I am skeptical about the quality.  I may have to make my first visit to Zara in years, which should be easy since the nearest Zara is a brisk 15-minute walk for me.  

Other items on my list:
  •  A pair of black ankle boots that are comfortable enough for walking around in the District (taking notes from the best black boot review)
  • A pair of black trousers (I simply cannot justify purchasing this pair, so I need an alternative)
  • A ceramic necklace (wouldn't mind this or this)


  1. Whoa, that is a thorough review of black ankle boots. Half a year later, I have to say the Mars boots aren't very comfortable. I find they squeeze my wide feet far too much. Maybe the Newburys would have been a better choice? I do prefer the low opening of the Rachel Comeys, though.

    I'm very iffy on Zara. Do you have the time to dig through vintage coats? I love my IM Etoile coat, but it would be fun to have something more colorful for the miserable stretch of winter.

    1. Hi Erica. I ended up buying the Mars! I walk so much more in this city so I'm finding that a lot of my boots aren't as comfortable. I hope the Mars work out.

      I have never bought anything from Zara. And while I love the idea of finding a great vintage coat, I think I'm too lazy at this point, though I could be convinced if there was a good venue or shop. I've noticed that all my coats and jackets are pretty muted, which must be fine because I typically wear a lot of color and print. But a colorful coat would be nice.


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