Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bonne année et bonne santé!

My last images of 2012.
We've been to Cambodia and back.  We said goodbye to 2012 with a quiet dinner at Taling Pling with Gayla and then an evening on our rooftop, with glasses of red wine in hand.  At midnight, we watched the pops of fireworks on the horizon and the lanterns floating up to the sky.

The end of year is always a good reason to take stock.  2012, while incredible, was also incredibly challenging for me.  Apart from my decision to leave Cambodia, our move to Thailand, and our engagement, there have been many other encounters with change on various levels - and despite my dogged resistance, I see more change in 2013.  I surrender.

Ethan was offered a position in Burma.  A few years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity to work in that country and particularly now, at a time where the political landscape appears to be shifting. 

But we decided against it, which still blows my mind, a little.  Navigating life's turns, the never-ending stream of options, our constantly-evolving needs, and though all this, the uncertainty has been my lesson in compromise.  Maybe that's what I took from 2012 - I learned how to compromise.


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