Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer redux: Chasing mountains in India.

After Kolkata, we headed north to Darjeeling and then farther to Sikkim province, which is a teeny tiny province with an interesting mix of Indian, Nepali, Tibetan, and Bhutanese cultures.  

It's a stunning part of the country.  As it was monsoon season and travel was invariably done by private jeep (up and down winding roads, with oft-precipitous drops), we were concerned about landslides and getting stuck.  Also, the rainy seasons made for stubborn clouds that obscured views of the Himalayas.

But one day, for a few minutes, the clouds parted long enough to glimpse this view of the Himalayan mountain range, set against the glowing sunset.  On a clear day, you can see Mount Everest, along with Mount Kanchendzonga. 

These pictures don't do justice.


  1. okayyyyyyyyy what!!! these photos are INSANITY. like a turner painting!


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