Saturday, July 28, 2012

Found while walking: Darjeeling, India

I am breaking my "no internet" rule in Darjeeling, a hilltop town in northern India, very close to Nepal and Bhutan.  It's raining outside, so chilly that I am wearing a jacket (wow, it has been too long).  The few days we have spent in this town have been languid and easy- and just perfect.  We wake up, take a hot shower and dress, and then walk over to a small eatery for breakfast (usually for a masala dosa or momos paired with a steaming cup of milk coffee or tea).  Then, we walk and walk, up and down the winding streets and often steep flights of stairs, through market stalls selling teas, Tibetan trinkets, cashmere shawls, and woolen sweaters.  The town sits above the clouds in some parts, and in others, right smack in the middle.  Mist hangs over the valley below, obscuring the tea plantations that flank this town. 

On the crazy jeep ride up from Siliguri, three hours of switchbacks and speed, the climate grew increasingly cooler and the air smelled of mint.  The valley shrank below us.  


  1. Love living vicariously through your travels. These are gorgeous.

  2. You're killing me! Yeah, those crazy rides from Siliguri, our home for almost 6 yrs. Sighhhhhhh..... but love seeing you enjoying Darjeeling.

  3. you are incredibly lucky to be able to visit this region! i love seeing your photos.

  4. Seriously, Ping! You lived in Siliguri! Wow. I loved Darjeeling. Just loved it, didn't want to leave at all.

  5. I have so many images from Darjeeling.. will post when I am more settled.

  6. Thank you for sharing, I discovered your blog 1 month ago.
    while doing research for our move to Phnom Penh this fall from Sweden.

    Thank you again!

    Best regards,


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