Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ermie S/S 2011

via Ermie

May was a crazy travel month for me -- I was out nearly 3 weeks, on various trips to less desireable places like Poipet, to Malaysian Borneo and Brunei, to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I'm behind on the happenings of the blogging world. Like Jennifer's new collection is out, and it is lovely, lovely. Apart from the fact that this husband/wife duo creates great prints and textiles, I'm also fan of Ermie/Jennifer for her courage in leaving a staff job to pursue her line full-time. Pretty inspiring.

And thanks to other inspiring women I've met through blogging and with whom I keep in touch through blogging, one in particular, in NYC, who chats me up on life's happenings just when I need some chatting.


  1. Jocy: Are you the blogger I read who really likes Madewell? I think they opened a shop in NYC.


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