Sunday, December 5, 2010


Another quick thought: I have lived and worked in a third world country for 6+ months now, in a field that is as meaningful and intellectually stimulating as it is emotionally challenging, doing advocacy and legal work that I could not have dreamed up before my move, with experiences that still floor me (and I am relatively numb to these things now), that make me laugh, shake my head in disbelief and, sometimes, in anger, in hope, in mind-boggling, eye-opening amazement.

That is where I stand today, incidentally in the only Mayle dress I brought along (not that others would find that very blogworthy, but I heart Mayle).

And in about a week, I go home to visit family and friends.

P.S. Actually, it has been 7+ months. Time flies.


  1. Nice dress! :)

    Will you be going home for good or just for a visit?

  2. Time has been going by quickly! I think what you're doing is great.

    Have fun back at home!

  3. I'm only just discovering your blog - some time after you discovered mine - and am enjoying the wonderful photos and the posts about a place I have never visited but always been intrigued by.

  4. Hi Jennifer: That's been the big question lately. I decided to stay on next year, so this break is just for a month or so.

    Tee and Rosemary: Thanks.


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