Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This small, $0.75 USD tart seems very ordinary at first glance. Certainly, it wouldn't be my first choice, not with the orange creme sitting next to it. But, as Rachel promised, under its raspberry goodness, there's rich, dark chocolate hiding. The combo. Perfect. The deserts at The Shop make me happy.

I welcome any bit of happy right now. This week has been tough, and I feel tired. My Aussie flatmate just told me that he has to fly back to Melbourne to have a medical condition checked out. I am terribly worried about him, but I believe being surrounded by family and friends will do him good. And, I've been told the hospitals in Phnom Penh should be frequented for minor ailments only. Most people fly to Bangkok for any major treatment. That is just one reality of life here.

A virtual hug to Samosas for the virtual chat yesterday!


  1. Aww...I saw this and felt all warm and fuzzy. Thanks!

  2. Jocy,
    Eat plenty of tarts. It's a nice little thing to do for yourself. I hope your week lightens, and that your flatmate will be ok.

  3. Samosas: Thanks for the words.

    Jennifer: Good advice. I hope he pulls out of this too. Thanks.

  4. sending you a big hug, my friend...hope you can feel it!

  5. Becki! Thanks. Needed that virtual hug. Crazy Cambodia.


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